Tropical Bois

Assistance to Employees

Since its beginnings, Tropical Bois has always aimed at giving its employees fair treatment, not only salary-wise, but also from the point of view of offering adequate health, family and personal assistance.

First of all, salaries always exceed  the minimum wage for each  employment category as determined by law, and employee benefits are paid regularly and on time.

Moreover, as in the Ivory Coast no public health care system exists, each employee receives direct credit, with no interests, for the purchase of prescription drugs and other medical expenses for personal or family use. In addition, particularly deserving employees are given direct credit for other personal expenses even if these are not of a medical nature. On average, total personnel debt towards Tropical Bois amount to about 60-70 million F cfa, or about 100,000 euros. However, this amount increases considerably at the beginning of the school year, as Tropical Bois ensures that its personnel is given additional credit for the enrolment of children in schools and the purchase of necessary supplies (uniforms, books, stationery ...).

Moreover, Tropical Bois has reached an agreement with local financial institutions to obtain financing at preferred rates for its employees, for purchasing of real estate, means of transportation and similar items. Funds for these types of financing are guaranteed through cautionary deposits from Tropical Bois.

In order to provide adequate medical assistance in a country were the necessary facilities are often scarce, special agreements have also been reached with local private medical clinics. These agreements allow Tropical Bois personnel to obtain medical services at reduced rates.

In addition to medical assistance, Tropical Bois provides its employees with various facilities in its production plants:

- changing rooms with clean showers and bathrooms

  1. -covered parking

  2. -meeting and projection rooms

- air-conditioned nurses' room with operating table and medical equipment for minor interventions, 3 hospital beds, constant medical and paramedic supervision

  1. -private ambulance.

In addition, Tropical Bois collaborates with three other local firms to provide a staff canteen for all personnel in the industrial area of Adzope'. The canteen is operated by the employees' families.

Lastly, upon initiative of the Tropical Bois management, in the last 10 years 30 annual scholarships have been created to recognize scholastic achievement among the children of Tropical Bois employees. These scholarships are fully funded by the Tropical Bois management.